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My Trust-based Approach cannot be reduced to pure behaviors. You can't bottle it in a competency model. Our actions are driven by our beliefs and our beliefs are driven by our values - the principles we adhere to. 

Trustworthy behavior is way too complex to fake. If your beliefs, values, and principles don't drive you to behave in a trustworthy manner all the time, you'll be found out quickly.

Hence, the principles I adhere to are the most important component of Trust-based Approach.  The way to become trusted is to act consistently from those principles - and not just any made-up set of principles will do. 

Four Specific Principles That Drive My Trust-Based Approach System are:

 Principle 1: True Customer Focus | Why I See Client Focus As Critical

    - Client focus improves problem definition for customers who deal in complex problems.

    - Client focus allows constant learning on the part of myself who can't know all the answers.

    - Clients won't let me earn the right to offer solutions until they feel I've understood their                 situation - and that comes about from truly paying attention.

    - True client focus works competitively - because few people really practice it.

    - Client focus encourages the client to share more, open up, and allow more access.

    - Client focus leads to collaboration by the client.

    - Client focus fosters acceptance of recommendations.

    - An outsider's perspective often brings new insights that help all involved.

    - Focusing and helping the client enriches my own life.  

Principle 2: A Collaborative Style | The Benefits of Collaboration For My Client 

    - Shared perspectives.

    - Enhanced creativity.

    - Efficiency through division of labor.

    - Efficiency through enhanced communication.

    - Efficiency through shortcutting where mutually agreeable.

    - More buy-in on the part of the customer.

    - Fewer misunderstandings.

    - Less elapsed time.

    - Greater honesty.

    - Better working relationships.

    - Improved understanding of motives behind words and actions.

    - Development on the part of myself and the client.

Principle 3: Medium to Long-Term Perspective | Why This Perspective is Critical  

    - It gives me room to invest in the relationship

    - It provides better return-on-investment data.

    - A short term perspective can lead to myself or the client making bad decisions.

    - The consequences of trust-creating behaviors - and trust-destroying behaviors - become                 clear.

    - It often takes a while to develop a relationship.

    - Beyond the transaction, the economics of scale and of relationships take hold.

    - Over time, clients learn about my business.

    - In the short term, relationships can look like win-lose or lose-win; in the medium to longer           term, they all become clearly win-win.

    - Time allows multiple relationships to develop across myself and the client.

    - The value of trust relationships isn't just additive; it fosters more trust relationships.  Time             helps trust become scalable

 Principle 4: Habit of Transparency  | Benefits of Operating Transparently

    - My clients have no doubt about my main motive - to be the main asset in their real estate              decision.

    - My clients have the date to know I am telling the truth.

    - Little time is wasted in arguing about what the truth is.

    - I get a reputation for truth-telling.

    - Since my flaws as well as my strengths are evident, clients can make sensible judgments                about me.

    - For the same reason, clients realize I don't exaggerate.

    - Clients feel fairly treated by me.

    - Clients are not suspicious of me.

    - Clients reciprocate by being open and aboveboard with me.

    - I gain credibility overtime and repeat business.


Finding a good real estate agent is a lot like finding a top-notch doctor. Reputation, experience, and knowledge are the key attributes home buyers and sellers should consider when choosing a realtor, experts say.

Whether you are buying or selling a home, hire someone like me who wants to earn your business. People don't talk about how finding the right real estate agent can be the difference between a rewarding and stress free home buying or selling experience, and an unhappy and challenging one.

A qualified, competent real estate agent like myself will provide the tools necessary to help you navigate the myriad of decisions and processes that arise when buying and selling a home.  

 Competent, Caring and Committed: And It Shows - 86.7% of My Business is Past                                                                                                                                       Client Referrals.
 Has 2 Full-Time Administrators: Providing The Support Needed to Ensure a Smooth                                                                                                                                                          Transaction.

 Personal Service: You Deal Directly with Me - No Mega Real Estate Team To Deal                                                                                                                                         With or "Get Lost" In. 

Honesty & Integrity: Always have your interests in mind so you always have someone on your side.

Work Full-Time 24/7: Available When You Are! To Help Accomplish Your Goals.

Always Tuned In: Highly Tech Savey with "Award Winning" Website, BlackBerry, Email, etc.

MBA Degree: Adds experience and expertise in all aspects of the sales process including marketing, financing, negotiations and more.

Committed To Continuing Education: Staying on Top of Current Market Trends, Rules and Regulations.

Knowledge of Processes: Brings a network of known, trusted real estate professionals to ensure a smooth transaction.  

Expertly handles and advises: on all price and contract negotiations.

Excellent Communication Skills: Provides you with all the possible options and opportunities without holding back.

Gives an unbiased, realistic view: of your real estate decisions and your options. I have no emotional attachment to properties.

Respects Your Time and Goals: You make the ultimate decision when the time is right!

Experienced: to help you ask the right questions.